Our Team

We are a dedicated team of fashion enthusiasts, everyday endeavouring to unfold something new in the arena of Fashionable Indian Scarves. Innovating, discovering and exploring the unimagined and unique ways of making scarves and stoles an indispensable part of everyday life. We are trained and skilled bunch of people excelling and growing with experiences on everyday basis. Also, we are an expanding team of people from fashion industry evolving and innovating fabrics, prints, motifs and designs of modern times matching with the fashion style of today.

Also, we are keeping no stone unturned in expanding our distribution channel all over India. Considering the demand and growth of fashion awareness, across borders, we are injecting the use and consummation of scarves and stoles to match every fashion trend and style. In order to, transform unorganized sector into an organized sector. Making the reach possible at the convenience of the consumers.