Scarves are an essential accessory in a woman’s life. it’s a must-have accessory in the wardrobe as a simple scarf can complete any outfit effortlessly. It adds a unique touch to any outfit. From classic, ethnic or traditional, a simple scarf can make a casual look stand out, while a trendy scarf can add oomph to a simple dress. The availability of different designs, materials, patterns and styles of scarves are so convenient to the point where a simple wardrobe can be enough to achieve a different look each day. Cotton scarves are soft and comfy, but woolen scarves are the recent trends among many.

Wool Scarves for Women

India is one of the countries that has the largest production of textiles in the world. Fabrics like Silk, and wool are beautifully woven and are equally famous for the incredible varieties available. Among few of the exotic and trendy types of woolen scarves available in India, Pashmina wool is a name that echoes in the fashion world. Pashmina wool is a fine type of wool originated from Ladakh. Eventually called ‘Cashmere’ in western countries, the gauzy fabric is so soft that the name itself translates to “soft gold”! Jaipur, Kashmir, Jammu, Himachal Pradesh, and the main destination Ladakh, are the best places to find the purest and richest form of woolen scarves for women. Kullu woolen scarves are also quite famous along with Kalamkari, Dhabla, and Rabari. The unique patterns and designs make these scarves exotic and beautiful that suit any wardrobe to make them trendy and stand out.

Many various types of woolen scarves are also easily available online at budget-friendly prices that satisfy your wardrobe needs without burning a hole in your pocket. So, you don’t have to travel and can get them easily at your doorstep.