Woolen scarves are the recent trends among many. Woolen scarves are the best winter scarves for women. India is one of the countries that has the largest production of textiles in the world. Fabrics like Silk, and wool are beautifully woven and are equally famous for the incredible varieties available. Among few of the exotic and trendy types of woolen scarves available in India, Pashmina wool is a name that is found commonly in the fashion world. Among which, Pashmina wool is a fine type of wool originated from Ladakh. Called ‘Cashmere’ in western countries, the gauzy fabric is so soft and exotic that the name itself translates to “soft gold”!

 Scarves For Women

Scarves are an essential accessory in a woman’s life as they suit any wardrobe. Different designs, materials, patterns and styles of scarves are so convenient to the point where a simple wardrobe can be enough to achieve a different look each day. Being a segment of fabric that is generally worn around the neck for protection, warmth, religious beliefs, or just to make a fashion statement, scarves have no match to any other accessory. Found in various materials like wool, linen or cotton, the beautiful patterns and prints make any outfit complete making outfits unique and trendy, and complete any look with a classy touch.

Fabrics like cotton and linens are a common fabric used in summer scarves for women. Prints like Kalamkari are trending in lightweight fabrics, perfect to complete a summer look. There are guidelines available online to help you spot the difference between the original and prototype. If you seem to have a problem searching for the right pattern, color or fabric in your locality, there’s always great shopping sites online to search the right scarf for you.