A simple pattern or kind of design printed on a cotton cloth will differ it from being plain. These kind of wearing is started from polynesia and it made a quite impact on the fashion industry. You can buy Pareos online with so much of struggle.

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Now let me explain what are Sarongs and Pareos to you. Starting with Pareos its a typical cotton cloth which has the printed designs on it. It got boring to see a simple cotton cloth with single colours or combination of colors. Its kind of simply plain but when it comes to Pareos one of cotton products is what makes the cotton more interesting and beautifull.


Now coming to Sarongs, you can the hero over here it the style of wearing it. You just need to wrap this garment around your body and tuck the end of it at your waist or even under your armpits too. How you do the process brings out new kind of styling. This is a traditional styling in South East Asia and it mostly bombared over western countries mostly. You can Buy Sarongs online easily.


After the explaination regarding both of them now its time to acknowledge the question. Dont you thing just wrapping a plain garment around your body doesnt give out any ounce of fashion. And now imaging the garment with few patches of printed designs on it, Its cool right? You can buy this combination online too.