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Designer Shawls And Stoles

The shawl is a piece of garment, which is worn in winter as well as stoles are worn in summer. This, as well as stole, is used to cover a naked neck as well as your shoulders. The shawl has derived its name from Kashmir. Kashmir is the place where these shawls and its use is derived. The people of Kashmir used this shawls to protect themselves with the extreme cold in Kashmir.

Now with the changing fashion and demand, embroidered shawls are available in the market. Not only embroidered shawls are available but also various another kinds of shawls with different prints are also available in the market. Most of the shawls are double sided i.e. you can use the shawls from both the faces of the shawls. The shawls are woven in such a manner that an effect is produced on both the sides of the shawls. For such unique piece of shawls woven by the workers, hats off to their craftsmanship.