People usually don’t prefer cotton shawls for winter because of the inability to keep warm. But, we don’t say that you should avoid them completely either. Cotton shawls can be used on days when it is a little warmer than usual or just to keep the fabrics light. All in all, cotton shawls are a must try detail for your clothes to really pop for the upcoming winter.

Cotton Shawls for Women

Scarves, and shawls are essential accessories that belong in any woman’s closet. While scarves make outfits unique and trendy, shawls complete any look with a classy touch. Generally, a shawl is loosely draped around the shoulders, upper body and arms, and sometimes also draped over the head in certain countries like India, Persia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the middle eastern countries etc. Shawls come in various shapes and sizes depending on the usage it is made for. Some shawls are rectangular in shape while some are square, or even triangular.

Usually, a shawl is made from woolen fabrics like Pashmina or ‘Cashmere’ as the western countries call it. Since shawls were worn both by men and women, to keep warm during the coldest months of winter. The fashion industry surely breaks stereotypes for clothing, by using various materials for clothes we wouldn’t imagine to be. That’s how cotton shawls came into the limelight, and eventually the youth started preferring cotton over wool due to the light feel and easy maintenance of the fabric. Indian cotton shawls come in various prints and magnificent designs that catch the eye. Prints like kalamkari, Banaras, and block prints are so beautifully embellished that any plain outfit would look unique and definitely make you stand out in the crowd.