Buying odhni sarees in India isn’t very hard as many markets have uncountable numbers of varieties available to choose from. If going to the market is a problem, then you can buy Odhni sarees online, and have them delivered straight to your home. or many generations, the Odhni (or called as Dupatta, Chunni, Chunari) has been represented as a symbol of modesty for women in India, for Indian clothing. An Odhni is most commonly used in a matched combination worn with a salwar kameez, or ghagra choli.

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As of today, Odhni’s have become a simple yet trendy fashion statement. They can be draped in various styles, be it just draping it over the shoulder or wrapping it around the neck like a scarf. Different styles, fabrics and lengths of the traditional chunni create new and trendy ways to wear them each day. Adding color and life to a traditional Indian woman wardrobe.

An odhni saree is a type of traditional saree which has 2 different combinations of color or patterns, where the portion of the saree around the waist is in one color or style, and the drape is printed into another color or style, making it seem like a half-saree (From south Indian traditional wear). These types of styles in sarees have become very popular in the southern part of India, and have made their way to be popular all over the country. Many variations, materials, patterns and styles are available in great combinations that catch the eye, making any woman look absolutely stunning!

With so many types available, it’s hard to find particular styles that you need in general markets. That’s where online shopping comes into the picture to save the day!