There are guidelines available online to help you spot the difference between the original and prototype. If you seem to have a problem searching for the right pattern, color or fabric in your locality, there’s always great shopping sites online to buy chunni dupatta online according to your preferences and provide the best for you.

buy chunni dupatta online

In India, there exist many types of clothing and styles to wear them in. From sarees, to lehengas for women. Dhoti’s to kurta pajama for men, the diversity in clothing never changes, but various new styles of the conventional clothing change every day. The most essential piece of clothing for a women’s wardrobe in India, is a dupatta or so-called Chunni. No salwar, or dress is complete without a traditional Chunni.

A chunni can be draped in various styles, be it just draping it over the shoulder or wrapping it around the neck like a scarf. Different styles, fabrics and lengths of the traditional chunni create new and trendy ways to wear them each day. Adding color and life to a traditional Indian woman wardrobe.

With so many types available, its hard to find particular styles that you need in general markets. That’s where online shopping becomes the hero! buying chunni’s online in India is easy because of the availability and popularity of various styles. Plain, printed, embroidered, you name it! You get to choose from various fabrics like silk, cotton, net, crepe, georgette, satin, and many more! in summer. Fabric prints like Kalamkari, and block prints suit cotton and linen made dupattas, stand out.