Designer shawls and stoles are the essential accessories as they are simple piece of fabric but can help you look stylish and epitome of elegance. Often we end up neglecting designer stoles and scarves, but it is definitely the most heinous fashion crime that we commit.


Ok that was take on fashion but there are parties where you are freezing thanks to the cool breeze or the air conditioner and you stop looking like the diva who can have the situation in control. A truly messed up situation but all thanks to the designer shawls and stoles who will come handy during these situations they will help you look stylish and poised while helping you to stay warm.

Shawls and stoles come in wide variety and as per your need just grab one. A wide stole or precisely a shawl is apt for situation where you want to feel warm, wrap the shawl and tie the ends at the back giving it a look of shrug, and you are sorted for the evening.


Drape the stole as halter wrap for the interesting look when you are a beach party. Simply style it up as muffler around your neck as you step in your denims of the super comfortable tee. This is hitting the bull’s eye as you get the best of the two world’s comfort with style.

And for all the moms you need not invest in baby wear gear just use your warm and soft shawl for the purpose and you are done. A simple shawl or stole is definitely your best friend.